Community Partnerships

Building and keeping community partnerships is vital to neighborhood policing.

These partnerships establish links between the Police and the community that they serve, so that communication and dialogue can take place.

With this communication, trust is built, and with more trust, further communication is possible.

It can be a challenge to build the inital link between Police and troubled neighborhoods if there has been a history of animosity or disdain between the two.

The help of other organizations, or community groups can assist in bringing together dialogue.

Non profit organizations, government agencies, community members with clout, and even local newspaper/media can assist in building an atmosphere so that community policing can succeed.

These partnerships can also be built face to face by officers. Officers who are designated to foot patrol, or "walking the beat" have the opportunity to meet citizens.

Being in a cruiser driving through alleys and streets causes an officer to be somewhat inaccessible to community members.

It is unlikely that a citizen will stop a cruiser in an attempt to speak to an officer unless they require immediate help.

Foot patrol officers, on the other hand, are walking about in the area, and are usually encouraged by their superiors to stop and speak to people that they encounter whether in a park or on the street.

Walking into a mom and pop deli or coffee shop is expected, as it can create an opportunity for discussion and interaction.

Regardless of what approach is used, building partnerships is an important part of CommunityPolicing.

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