by Peter J. Sheldon
(Green Valley, Arizona)

I live in a surrounding area that has two towns probably about the same size being 28,000. I'm curious as to why when I walk up to a police SUV for information, notoriously females always jump out of their SUV's while the men just sit there? This is not part of a stop. I always like to approach police officers to get their take on anything that I might be curious about. I agree with everything you have said. Has there been any kind of statistical analysis done that proves/shows when the percentage of males police officers is closer to the percentage of female police officers that in general law enforcement responsibilities are better, and the esprit de corps is enhanced? I'm a firm believer that female police officers are just as good as men and probably most are better as they have the ability to work through a conflict without getting testosterone levels sky high from a guy.

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Sep 07, 2019
Interesting observation...
by: Police-officer-pages

Hmmm, that's interesting. I've never noticed that, about female officers getting out the SUV more often.

But, it is better officer safety to get out, because when someone approaches a police vehicle on foot, the officer is in a vulnerable position. If the person approaching is carrying a firearm with the intent to fire upon the officers, it's difficult to get your sidearm out of the holster if you're seated. Much better odds if you're out of the car.

And in this day and age you can't tell what ANYONE is planning on doing.

As far as studies showing the impact of a more level ratio of men to women officers, I'm not sure. I haven't heard of anything like that being done. It would be interesting to see though!

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