Chicago Police Salary

Chicago police salary starts off at $43,104 and increases to $55,728 after one year.

After another 18 months, the salary increases to $58,896.

There is a yearly uniform allowance of $ 1,800 and an annual duty availability allowance of $2,920.


At present (December 2013), the salary has increased. An officer's starting wage remains at $43,104, but now rises to $61,530 after a year. After a year and a half, it increases once again to the amount of $65,016. That's an increase of $6,120 from before.

That's a pretty decent increase´╗┐


Officers use the yearly uniform allowance to purchase their own
duty gear, which inlcudes the uniform, cuffs, flashlight, and
baton. They also purchase their own firearm, but are only allowed to choose from specific manufacturers.

Chicago Police provides 20 days of paid vacation and up to 100% tuition reimbursement for those who have college or university education.

As with most departments, there is a health plan, vision plan, and dental plan.

Chicago Police allows individuals to submit an application at 18 years of age, but will not hire someone until they reach 21 years. By the time of hire, applicants must have 60 semester hours of either university of college. They will also allow thirty six hours of continuous military service (active duty in the armed forces), or a combination of college / university and duty with the armed forces. 


The department also recommends that individuals be ready to obtain a firearms owner identification card. Although it won't be necessary to have when submitting the application, it will be a requirement at the time an offer of employment with the Chicago department is made.

Chicago Police Officers are all required to reside within the city limits. If successful in the application and testing process, you will have to move and prove residency in the city of

The Chicago Police department has about 13,400 sworn police officers.


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