There is a definite camaraderie among Police Officers. The challenges and stress of being a cop is something that unites all officers, no matter what Police Department they work for.

Only a fellow Officer can really understand the challenges and difficulties of being a cop.

When you're working, and a call that you believed was routine goes to hell in a hurry, it's fellow Officers who are rushing to back you.

They're the ones who will bail you out of a deadly situation, and vice versa.

It's natural that a sense of cohesion develop. It's a police brotherhood which is extremely strong.

On the last day of work before days off, it's not uncommon for a shift to go out afterwards.

It's a way for cops to hang out outside of the work environment and unwind.

We'll talk about work, some will tell war stories (of course), and sometimes you'll see a couple guys get into an "energetic discussion" lol.

Police Officers are human, and even amongst cops there will be personality clashes. In many other occupations, you'll see a couple workers who don't get along for some reason and one will go to the boss and complain.

That doesn't happen in the Police Department. You don't go rushing to a Sergeant to bitch about another cop.

That's part of being a Police Officer. You deal with it without running higher up.

Even if you don't like a fellow officer for something, you can always talk off duty over a beer and deal with it that way.

There has to be mutual respect among officers, even between a pair who may not get along.

That's part of the Police brotherhood. Recognizing that even those you may not "gel" with deserve respect, and that he/she is giving you yours.


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