being a attractive female cop

by katie
(south Carolina )

being a female in this work force is hard, but its worth it. when i joined, i was so shy and quiet. the guys always picked on me because i couldn't raise my voice unless you really pissed me off. i've actually lost my voice because my trainer made me yell and scream in a scenario, we were doing for domestic violence. i grew up in an abusive home and have gone through hell to get to where i am today. i was always a quiet kid and was afraid of older people. i am starting to get over that, it takes time. my trainer and fellow partners in law enforcement, like to put me on the spot a lot (to help me get out of being shy and afraid). it has helped and im starting to see a change. im 5'7, blonde, blue eyes, skinny, and my race is white. the people i work with find me attractive which is a problem because they get off focused. it bothers me because i want them to be able to focus without me being center of attention. im not going to lie, i love the attention the guys give me, but it gets old and annoying. i asked my trainer, what he thinks about me being on S.W.A.T. , and he laughed and gave me this look like "there will be drama". i am confident that i can do it. i went to a female cop about this and she said " think about it, being the only girl on S.W.A.T., the guys are going to feel like they have to protect you, they will also, fight over you." (they are already very overprotective of me). that really got me thinking, but i still want to do it. i just need advice. if someone can help me, please comment your email. my goal is to be on S.W.A.T. (i chose a different name and state so i can protect my identity, but i am from the USA).

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Jan 01, 2017
Thank you
by: Anthony

Thank you for sharing your story. Just another example of how hard work and perseverance bring reward. I can relate to facing many struggles growing up myself and how by embracing them - you become a stronger person and also more empathetic of different people, different backgrounds, and different ideas. It sounds like your trainer had your best interests at heart in having you face your shy issues head on by putting you in situations where you had to be assertive and confident. Solving problems head on like that is wonderful because it avoids all the drama. If you want to go into SWAT, go for it. You seem sweet and successful and I get the sense based on your post that you are going to go very far.

Jul 19, 2016
Working hard for what you want...
by: Police-officer-pages

I'd like to start off by apologizing for how long it has taken to respond to your question. The site hasn't been monitored very much for the last little while, so please accept my apologies...

Yes, I can totally see the situation that you're in. Attractive female officers always seem to getting a lot of attention from their make counterparts ( it's the same where I work)

Even though things have changed over the years, there still is sexism in the workplace, and policing isn't any different. Guys may be protective of you, and it may be a while before that ever changes. Plus, as police officers, we're a team, and we have to look out for each other. Especially in this day and age with what's going on out there. I'm sure that some guys may take it overboard just because you are a female though.

If SWAT is what you want, go for it. Work hard, get into great shape, and kick the living shit out of the testing. That way nobody can say that you didn't earn your spot! And it can prove to them that you can protect them just as well as they can you! Good luck, let us know how it goes :)

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