Baltimore Police Salary

The baltimore police salary begins at $43,136. It increases in steps yearly once the training at the police academy and field training is complete.

Individuals who are interested in becoming Baltimore Police Officers can actually apply at age 18, but only to become a police cadet. As a cadet, duties are primarily administrative and individuals are civilian rather than sworn officers. The salary is just over $27, 800. Cadets will only have to wait for 35 months, at which time they will be 20 years and 9 months of age. At that point, they are qualified for training at the police academy.

Once at the academy, training consists of a total of just about six months. After that time, training occurs on the road, and consists of 10 weeks.

After three years, officers are eligible to write for promotion.
Salaries for Sergeants start at $60,377 to $79,492. Sergeants with a university degree make $61,585- $82,132.

The next promotional step is lieutenant. Applicants must be sergeants for a minimum of two years before applying. The salary begins at $68,630- $90,365. For those with a university degree, $70,003- $93,233

The Baltimore Police Department is the eighth largest municipal force in all of the United States. The Department has about four thousand personnel including civilian and officers.

Applicants must first pass a civil service exam. Once successful, the next step is the physical testing. It consists of push ups, sit ups, bench press, 1.5 mile endurance run, sit and reach ( flexibility test).

The next step is a psychological examination which consists of multiple choice questions, the results of which may be discussed at a later time.

The next step is the polygraph examination as well as a physical test to see if the applicant is in overall good health.

At this point a background investigation takes place, with investigators checking the applicant's references, financial history, etc etc ...

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