Atlanta Police Salary

The Atlanta Police salary for recruits is $34,726.36 until training completion. After that, the officers level of education plays a role in their compensation.

An officer with a high school diploma receives $39,327.60 and it increases to $53,599.49   

An officer with an Associates degree ( two years of college) receives $40,704.07 and it increases to $55, 475.47

An officer with a Bachelors degree earns $42,128.71 and it increases to $57,417.11 

Overtime shifts are available and are rotated amongst officers. Officers who are required to work on holidays are provided premium pay, which is equal to one and a half times their regular pay.

An officer with under 5 years on the job receives 12 days of vacation (8 hour work days)

An officer with 5 to 10 years receives 15 days vacation 

An officer with 10 to 15 years receives 18 days vacation 

An officer with 15 to 20 years receives 21 days vacation 

An officer with over 20 years receives 25 days vacation

Atlanta Police officers earn 13 days of sick leave per year.

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