Albuquerque Police Salary

Albuquerque Police Salary: Recruits enter training and recieve an hourly wage of $18.06 an hour. Recruits remain at this hourly pay for the 25 week training duration.

After graduation, Officers receive a wage increase to $23.71 an hour.

Officers also become eligible for the  take home car program. Officers are assigned a police vehicle and are allowed to take it home. They are permitted to drive it to and from work and are expected to treat the vehicle as if their own.

Officers also become eligible to participate in an overtime shift program which pays at $32.60 an hour.

One year after graduation, officers get an increase to $25.18 an hour, which is equivalent to a $52,374.40 salary.

They are also eligible for a $7,500 housing stipend if they agree to a seven year commitment with the Albuquerque Department.

Depending on additional qualifications, officers can also receive the following:

Additional $600 annually if bilingual

Additional $600 for speciality pay

Additional $1200 for becoming a training officer

Regarding education, officers will receive one of the following based on the highest education attained:

Bachelor's Degree College Incentive  $1620.00 annually

Master's Degree College Incentive add $1920.00 annually

PHD College Incentive add $2220.00 annually


Officers with under 5 years experience receive 12.5 days vacation

Between 5 and 10 years, receive 15 days vacation

Between 10-15 years, receive 18 days vacation

15 years and over, receive 20 days vacation

Officers gain 8 hours of sick time per month worked.

Officers can retire after 20 years of service, regardless of their age. They receive 70% of the average yearly salary calculated using their last 3 years worked.

Officers who remain on the force until 22 years and 10 month get 80% of the average yearly salary based upon the final 3 years.


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